Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ground Zero / World Trade Center

No New York visit is complete without a stop at Ground Zero.  Almost 9 years after the infamous attacks on the World Trade Center, it is still a very somber scene, yet on the upswing with construction of the memorial.  One would think that they would have had some development on the memorial since then, but it is still very much all dirt and concrete.  It is a large construction site replete with construction workers lined on every corner.  We also learned that recently, two more bodies were discovered, halting construction while authorities looked into the discovery.  Very unfortunate for all the families affected, and nobody will ever forget how it has affected our country.  Here is a set of photographs that convey Ground Zero as it stands today.


This cross is made of actual foundation beams from one of the twin towers.
This whole block was lined with construction workers on their lunch break.

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