Monday, August 23, 2010

New York City Life

This is the second post of my New York City adventure.  There are at least 2 more posts to come.

As I walked throughout New York City, I could not help but notice a large police presence.  Maybe it is because of the heightened security in a heavily populated tourist area.  Maybe it is to curb the violence in the crime-ridden boroughs.  Whatever the case, I photographed a lot of cops.  When I first stepped foot in Harlem, I was not sure whether seeing officers on every corner was a comforting or alarming feeling.  Anyway, enough rambling.  New York streets (and subways) are interesting to say the least.  I saw everything from a police officer texting on horseback, to a music video being filmed, and lot and lots of cops.  Here is my “documentary” approach to life in New York City as I walked through the boroughs.    


The first photo I took on the street, and one of my favorites of the trip..  As blue-collar as it gets.
In subway below Manhattan's Chinatown.
It is starting to drizzle as I shot this.  I hope the artwork was not too wet upon completion.  The facial expressions drew me to this scene.
The BIG piano in F.A.O. Schwartz from the Tom Hanks film, "BIG."  Fun fact:  In 1988 when the movie was filmed, this thing cost $15,000.  Check out how much it is now!
Somebody wished for. . . that.
I believe these guys are called the "Rassholes" or something like that.
Rockerfeller Center cop.
Times Square mounted police.

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