Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virginia & Erick's Wedding Shower in Laguna Beach

Over the weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity to share in the festivities of Virginia and Erick’s wedding shower in the lovely city of Laguna Beach.  After making our way up a long and winding hill, we arrived at the house – a 3 story paradise overlooking the Pacific ocean.  The views were amazing, and the company warm and inviting.  This house had lots of unique angles to work with including an amazing spiral staircase, and multiple decks, which was perfect for capturing the group from above.  Did I mention the beautiful sunset?  This scene was incredible – you’d have to be there to believe it.  We will also be there in December to capture Virginia and Erick’s wedding – it should be an epic event!  Be sure to check back again for what promises to be a fun-filled day!

You may have recognized this photo from their engagement shoot at the Disney Concert Hall.
Designed by:

Baby Nathan - aka mini Troy Polamalu
Spectacular Views

The grand staircase

Ready to take on the world together!

Beautiful sunset, beautiful people!

Hand in hand- overlooking the Pacific

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