Monday, November 15, 2010

Becky & Ben's Wedding in Santa Barbara

Where do I start with this one?  This wedding had it all!  Our day started out with Chanda and I arriving early to scout locations in Santa Barbara, and finding ourselves helping a stranded motorist push his car about 50 yards to the nearest parking lot.  I tired myself out before actually photographing a single wedding-related thing before the day actually really began.  Anyway, this wedding has by far been the most challenging one I have ever photographed because the timeline for everything gave us a very limited window to shoot everything that we wanted to shoot.  Having pre-scouted the locations earlier in the day, we were able to work our way through the entire day pretty smoothly.   A little preparation sure goes a long way, doesn’t it?  Add a little creativity and vision to that, and you get a bunch of kick ass photos!  I’m very proud of this set of photos, and I couldn’t have done it without my trusty assistant Chanda, who happens to have a few of her own photos in this set as well.  We’re always trying to top our latest effort with each wedding or engagement, and personally, I think we exceeded even our own expectations (we even set up a remote camera for the ceremony!)  I absolutely cannot wait for the next wedding (December) to get the creative juices flowing again, for some more truly epic photos!  Enjoy the pics!


Magical, ain't it?
A view from the remote camera.

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