Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ellen & Steve's Engagement Session at UCLA

Ellen & Steve’s Engagement Session at UCLA

For every wedding and engagement session, I go into it thinking that I want to come up with the coolest photos anyone has ever seen – quite the challenge for every subsequent shoot, but it really keeps the ideas fresh.  We scouted UCLA a month before the shoot, and developed some ideas to use.  Ellen and Steve are such a sweet couple and a lot of fun to be around.  Ellen is kind and gentle – perfect for an elementary school teacher and Steve is fun and bold – perfect for a high school teacher.  Together they make a quite a dynamic duo.  Steve is also a dancer and really helped to create some light hearted moments throughout the day.  They are getting married this summer, and we’re hoping to carry on the cool photographs and fun moments for their big day.  Check back in July for their wedding photos!


A little light painting with a cell phone and flashlight.