Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tips for Successful Engagement Sessions

Tips for Successful Engagement Sessions

* Select a location that has significance to you as a couple.

You want the engagement session to reflect your relationship, and the location is important for a meaningful session.  Perhaps it could be a place where you first met, a first date spot, a high school or college campus, your favorite hangout spot, etc...

* Consider having a theme for the engagement session.

If you share a common interest, this could be a good theme to play upon.  Do you both support a local team?  Do you both like to go hiking?  Whatever it is that makes you a unique pair will be a great way to showcase your identity as a couple.  Themes are a great way to incorporate your personalities into the shoot.  Props are encouraged!

* Plan to wear at least two different outfits.

Having a change of clothes not only offers a fresh look to your engagement photos, but it allows you to play on different themes if you choose to do so.  For example, if you’re going for a vintage look, go with something less contemporary.  Plan on wearing something casual and comfortable, such as jeans and a t-shirt, and then changing into something a bit more formal late on in the shoot. Either way, dress to fit your personality, and be comfortable in what you wear.

 * Wear colors that are bold and bright. 

Stick with solid colors, and avoid patterns, stripes, and logos.  The idea is to stand out from the background, and from each other.  Consider wearing complimentary colors and avoid wearing similar colors.  Wearing colors from your wedding theme is also a great way to tie in your engagement session and wedding.

 * Consider using a photo for your “Save-the-Date” cards.

If you plan on scheduling your engagement session well ahead of your wedding date, perhaps you may consider using photos for your save-the-date cards.  Bring props such as number cutouts to create a memorable photo session. 

 * Schedule a makeup trial for the day of the engagement session. 

Many makeup artists will offer a free makeup trial, and it is a great idea to schedule the engagement session on the same day.

 * Know the rules and regulations of your locations.

Things that are sometimes overlooked are parking fees, ease of access, and shooting permits.  Oftentimes locations will require you to show permits to film or photograph.  Know in advance what the rules and regulations are in order to avoid surprises that may affect the shoot.

 * Arrive early

It is a good idea to arrive early to allow time for parking and have an informal discussion about expectations, especially if it is a location that is not familiar to you. Some couples take longer than others to feel comfortable being in front of the camera.  You want to dedicate enough time so as not to feel rushed throughout the shoot.

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