Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our photos showcased for Wurlitzia at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

You may remember our recent photo shoot for the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, which included some photographs of the amazing Wurlitzer organ.  They've used some of our photos to promote Wurlitzia - an event at the playhouse showcasing some of the nation's most accomplished organists playing the legendary organ.  In addition, they are screening Charlie Chaplin silent films accompanied by music from the Temple City High School jazz band.  There will be food trucks in attendance as well, so go get your grub on.  It should be an entertaining night for all - young and old, and be sure to check out the talented band.  We were on campus in Temple City a few weeks ago capturing an early morning practice session.  Be sure to check out Wurlitzia on May 22, 2011 at 2 pm at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse!


It takes some talent to hold four mallets like this and make real music! 
I want this kid's guitar!  Les Paul in Iced Tea.  I like Honeyburst too!

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