Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sea World San Diego

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This Memorial Day weekend, I took a quick trip back down to San Diego.  Chanda had a free educator's admission ticket, so we went and took advantage of that (I still had to pay my own way in).  We stayed in La Jolla on Sunday night and drove down to Mission Bay the next morning after having some awesome breakfast soy chorizo burritos from Trader Joe's.  If real chorizo makes you queasy (it is really greasy), I would recommend the soy one from Trader Joe's.  It is actually not bad!

Anyway, the story this weekend was kind of reliving the old college days.  All of the familiar places were cool to see again.  We watched the Hangover 2 in the ol' movie theater with a bunch of college kids (who by the way are always checking Facebook on their phones), walked over to the ol' Starbucks, and even drove by the old apartment complexes where I used to live.

Ok so back to Sea World.  Is it just me, or is it that the older we get, the more tired we end up throughout the day at amusement parks?  I remember running around with so much energy as a kid, and now half a day of walking gets my legs tired.  Kids may have all the energy, but they're also the ones who fall asleep during the ride home.  Anyway, I decided to limit the lenses I took with me for this one, and try to make interesting photos with what I had.  I brought with me a 16mm 2.8 fisheye, and a 50mm 1.8.  I didn't even touch the 50mm, so everything you see here is shot with a fisheye, with the exception of the glowing jellyfish, which I shot at home in my kitchen with the 50mm.  No, I didn't steal a jellyfish from Sea World - it is a novelty item that glows in the dark - a very expensive paperweight, if you will.

The fisheye is a great lens to shoot aquarium stuff with.  When we were in New York, I shot a lot of stuff in Coney Island with this lens, and one of my favorite photos was one of a shark swimming up against the glass.  I was pressed up with the camera up against the glass, and I was able to get a nice close perspective of the shark as it swam by.  The same thing goes for stuff at Sea World, and I was quite pleased with a lot of the turtle photos that came out.  I picked out a nice spot where the light came through, and shot through the glass as turtles swam by.  There are a lot of cool ones, but I'll just share a few of my favorites here.  The rays of light shining down really look cool, and make for some cool drama, don't you think?  It's like turtle Heaven!


Ah the joy of making splashes with dolphins.  
Cool light through the feathers, don't you think?

Happy Memorial Day!

Actually glows green to the human eye, but blue to my camera. 
You must be this tall to peer over the glass.

Cool even if you're claustrophobic.

Turtle Heaven.

Swim away from the light!

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