Monday, June 27, 2011

Portraits with Jessica and Erol

Erol became a fan of our work after seeing the engagement and wedding photos of Virginia and Erick.  We met him and his fiancĂ© Jessica and are excited to be photographing their upcoming wedding in August.  Thanks V & E for the good word!  Erol and Jessica wanted to do some portraits, and we invited them and the kids out to a local park for a quick session.  Erol was telling me about how important it was to have the kids in the photos because he is going to be joining their family, so we took the time to get a few family photos, as well as individuals with the kids.  Even though they were new to taking pictures, the kids - Jonathan and Alyssa, seemed like naturals.  These two knew exactly what they wanted to do, and were not shy at all.  It was great to get the whole family involved, and the kids seemed to enjoy all the attention.  You could tell that the kids were really comfortable, and Erol and Jessica had a good time taking fun portraits with them as well.  When the wedding comes around in a few months, we’re hoping to keep the fun times rolling, and are thankful to have spent this time with them to continue to develop solid relationships that define our work.   Enjoy the photos!