Monday, July 11, 2011

Griffith Park Observatory at Night

Over the weekend I decided to visit Griffith Park Observatory on a whim.  At around 7:30 pm, I decided I wanted to take some night photos there, but I should have gone earlier (and on a weekday).  I never remembered Griffith Park being so busy, but ever since they reopened, and school is out, it made for a busy night with kids, families, and couples visiting the towers to peer over the ledge at the city lights and look through the telescopes.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures at night, and went back to the old tripod and set up some quick exposures on the deck of the observatory.  Since we didn't expect that much traffic, we got there a bit later than sunset, and had to park further away and trek up a winding road to finally get to the top.  I really would have liked to have shot these an hour earlier, but maybe next time!  For now, enjoy these photos!


When I see this, I always think of the opening scene of Terminator.

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