Monday, August 1, 2011

Kenny and Audrey get Engaged at the Diamond Center in Claremont

Kenny brought Audrey to the Lantz Diamond Center in Claremont where he had planned his marriage proposal months in advance.  Since Audrey already knew what kind of ring she wanted, Kenny made sure he got it just right, and with the help of the helpful associate Fonda at the Diamond Center, he had it custom designed.  Since a lot of their friends had been getting married, the pressure was on Kenny, and he finally decided to take her in, telling her that they were only there to LOOK.  Little did she know, Kenny had been planning this very moment for months with the Diamond Center staff.  After Audrey was shown a variety of rings that she so nicely turned down, he unveiled Audrey’s ring as 20+ of their closest friends and family entered the store to watch Kenny get down on one knee and make Audrey his fiancĂ© one day before their four year anniversary.  This was a special moment that took a lot of planning and a little bit of deception, but alas, Kenny and Audrey are now engaged!  Congratulations!

So how did we get involved in this?  Debbie Lantz, owner of the Diamond Center had contacted me to photograph her family portraits, and proposed (pun intended!) the idea to me after mentioning that a marriage proposal was going to happen right in their store the next weekend.  She got a bunch of local vendors together, and everyone agreed to donate some gifts to the wedding party, and in this case, our photography was the service.  How did Debbie find us?  Well, we had previously photographed the wedding of Virginia and Erick, who purchased a Hearts on Fire diamond from the Diamond Center, and when she saw the photos of the rings, she contacted us about featuring some prints in the store, and the rest is history.

So now that you’ve heard their story, why don’t you share yours with us?  We’d love to hear your engagement stories in the comment section below!


Audrey realizes what is about to happen. . .

Admiring the ring.

Kenny looks relieved.  She said YES!

Audrey, Kenny, and Fonda, who helped execute the proposal

Starbucks donated coffee and treats!

Friends and family who were present for the proposal.  Can you imagine hiding all those people before the big moment?

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