Monday, October 24, 2011

Lydia's 70th Birthday Masquerade Party at the Wherelse Ballroom in Covina

Over the weekend, we were invited to be a part of Lydia's 70th birthday party at the Wherelse Ballroom in Covina.  This had been a party a long time in the making, and Lydia's children Melinda and Mike had been planning this party since early in the year.  They went with a masquerade theme, and invited us to provide their guests with our signature "Same-Day Thank You" cards.  We do unlimited on-site printing of photos for events, which are excellent mementos for guests to go home with, especially when the birthday girl willing to pose with many of her guests at the ripe age of 70!  Everyone had a great time, and as usual there were plenty of people coming back to our photo setup for more photos!  I want to thank my buddy Edgar for lending his time and effort (and missing the big USC v Notre Dame game on tv) for helping Chanda and I out that day, and to Kim of Kimmee Cakes for providing the beautiful and delicious cake and my new favorite thing - cake pops!

Awesome cake by Kimmeecakes

Kim of Kimmeecakes and Birthday Girl, Lydia

Chanda and Edgar at our print station.
Team pic!

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