Monday, December 19, 2011

Caliyane & Chris’s Wedding at Stauffer Chapel in Malibu, CA

Caliyane and Chris had a lovely traditional wedding at Stauffer Chapel on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu.  I photographed this wedding with my friend Brian Labrada, and our day started off with a beautiful scenic drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.  As the wedding party arrived, Chris soon realized that he had forgotten one very important part of his wardrobe:  his shoes.  He asked me, “Johnny, what size shoes do you wear?”  The last time somebody asked me this, I received a free pair of shoes!  I still had no idea why he was asking, but when I answered 10 1/2, he said, “thank goodness!  I need to swap shoes with you!  I can’t get married in Air Jordans!”  So we made the switch, and I photographed the ceremony in Air Jordans.  I have to say that this ranks up there with the time Chanda and I helped push some random guy’s broken down car along the Santa Barbara coast before another wedding we photographed.  Wedding days often yield the most interesting stories, don’t they?  Anyway, their wedding took place inside a gorgeous chapel, with scenic views of the Pacific right on the other side of the stained glass windows.  After the ceremony, we took some portraits, and even the guys couldn’t resist the temptation of “Tebowing.”  From that point on, we all relocated to Long Beach where the reception would be held at Hak Heang restaurant.  I have to say that these cultural weddings are just so awesome to photograph because the colors are so numerous, bright, and vibrant!  The ladies donned traditional Cambodian garb for the reception, and all looked lovely.  The dancing at Cambodian weddings is one of my favorite things because everybody gets involved!  A large circle is formed, and everyone does the traditional dance, which doesn’t require any dance experience!  I have to admit that one of the reasons I enjoy photographing weddings, and not having to take part in them, is because I am a terrible dancer - I just get to hang out and photograph people.  If I ever have to attend a wedding as a guest, I will eventually be exposed!  Anyway, congratulations to Caliyane and Chris!  Enjoy the photos!


Christopher Columbus points the way. . .and also makes a great dress hanger.

Tebowing has hit the wedding circuit!

Another girl has been bitten by the wedding bug.  From this point on, she starts planning her own wedding.

Traditional Cambodian greeting.

One lucky fella.

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  1. beautiful wedding!!! where did you have the reception at? please email me @ I am trying to coordinate my wedding. I need some ideas