Friday, December 23, 2011

St. John the Baptist 2011 Christmas Social in Baldwin Park

Last week we were invited again to photograph portraits of families during St. John the Baptist's 2011 Christmas social.  This is one of my favorite events to photograph because it is so much fun.  There are raffle prizes, good food, good music, dancing, and everybody gets involved in the planning, and also knows how to have a good time - especially Father Mike, whom I think I remembered "air-guitar'ing" to a few songs.  The Christmas social is a way for the church to say "thank you," to all of its patrons, and we are there to provide complimentary photographs to the families and groups.  As we did last year, we provided on-site prints through our "Same-Day Thank You Card service" (somebody help me think of a shorter, catchier name), and they looked great with the custom cards.  The turnout this year, however, was even more massive than it was last year!  I believe I was told that over 300 people attended, and the photo line snaked around the auditorium from the time we started shooting, to the time we ended.  The best part was seeing how much bigger the kids had gotten since last year, and watching families grow.  In the end, it was a successful event, and everybody had a great time.  I'm already looking forward to next year's social!


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