Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Animals Around the House

Every night when I come home, there is a neighborhood cat that comes out of nowhere to greet me.  My sisters have interacted with this cat as well, and have even given him a name.  We'll walk down the street, and see him chillin' in somebody's yard.  Nobody knows who he belongs to, we just know that he is a friendly cat.  One night, I decided to turn my camera on him and photograph him as he hung out on our front porch.  Lit with just the porch light, I cranked my camera's ISO up to 3200, and took a pretty cool shot of him.  I would have featured the image as the leading picture on this entry, but Chanda's photo of her dog, Cola wins.  Chanda decided to have a photoshoot with her dog at home, and sent me this gem (above).  Speaking of friendly animals, Cola is one of the friendliest out there.  At the park, she'll often run up to strangers and lick them.  There have been plenty of Cola photos and videos that we'd like to share with everyone, so please "like" the Cola fan page above!

And here is my photo of the cat...

On another note, here's a photo of my dog, Kimmi, that I took yesterday in the kitchen.  Gotta show her some love too!

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