Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anh & John's Wedding

Over the weekend, Chanda and I attended the wedding of our good friends Anh and John in Anaheim.  They've been great friends with us over the years, and we are so happy that they're finally married!  After a lovely backyard ceremony at Anh's parents' home (which featured a few awesome unofficial fly-overs by some gigantic U.S. Air Force airplanes), we drove them to Santiago Oaks regional park in Orange, and helped out their photographer, Marcella Treybig during the portraits.  After that, we finally got to sit down and enjoy a wedding reception, which I can't remember doing for a few years (we're usually working).  I have a feeling that we will be enjoying a few more with lots of our friends getting married this year.  Believe me when I say that I really look forward to sitting down and enjoying the food!  Looking forward to the next wedding in a few weeks!  Enjoy the photos!


Anh and John hand-made these programs themselves!  I'm thoroughly impressed with their handiwork.

John takes a break from creating their wedding slideshow.

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