Thursday, June 7, 2012

Former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich Debuts New Art

There are very few people out there who do what they love.  Last week I got to know one of them, and he goes by the name of Todd Marinovich.  You may know him as former NFL quarterback of the Raiders from USC.  The man has a well-documented history that has been told through many perspectives, but I met him last week, and I know of only one Todd Marinovich - the Artist.  I was on hand for taking stills at Todd's art gallery opening at And Still on La Brea (special thanks to owner Josh Gellar for helping me out - if you happen to be reading this, please send me your email so I can send you that image of your son).  I arrived an hour early, and Todd and his friends were still getting all the details right before opening.  He seemed very focused and attentive to all the little things, which is what I immediately liked about him.  I have to admit that before I arrived, I did a little bit of research and read up on his history, which made me a little sad.  You can do a little digging and read up on Todd as well, but what I think stood out the most to me is that he really seemed to love what he was doing.  I watched him position a sculpture with pain-staking detail, and he made sure that the lighting was just at all the right angles to illuminate his pieces.  Maybe it's the inner artist in me that also appreciates the details in the work, or maybe it's my inner spirit rooting for someone who knows what he loves to do, and just goes out an does it.  Yeah, that's it.

Here is a link to some of my images of Todd Marinovich's art opening, featured on


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