Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kittens in the Backyard

Recently my sisters discovered a litter of kittens outside of my window.  There are four of them, and they are on the other side of the fence, on our neighbors' side.  We've been watching them for a few weeks, and I couldn't help but to take a few photos of them from the other side of the fence.  As I took these frames, I couldn't help but think of these as some sort of "kitten engagement session" in some open field.  The truth is the grass is brown and long because the lawnmower died by the time I got to that side of the yard, and that patch of grass hasn't been cut in months.  You can obviously tell that the green is the neighbor's side of the yard, and the brown is our grass creeping over to their side.  Photographically speaking, I think the brown serves as an awesome contrast to their impossibly blue eyes.  Anyway, enjoy the backyard kitten engagement photos!

Here's an overall view of mom and kittens from my window

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