Sunday, July 8, 2012

Betty & Sherif's Save-the-Date Session

Chanda has a saying that I sometimes love, and sometimes hate.  Whenever she sees something that she likes, she goes "when I know, I know."  That means if she knows she likes it, she buys it on the spot.  It's great when we're trying to decide on something, and she "just knows."  On the other hand, it's not so great when I like to explore all the options to make sure that I'm making the best choice, which drives her nuts.  

One thing I do love, however is a decisive bride who knows what she wants, and last week we met Betty and Sherif who both obviously know what they want when they see it.  After meeting each other during a church retreat in October, they fell in love and are engaged to be married in January.  In fact, after hearing their story, I was so surprised at how quickly they had already booked their date and location (2 weeks).  On top of that, we met them on Thursday, and the very next day, we were out photographing them for their save-the-date photos.  I was honored that they were able to place their trust in me to capture their love after just a short meeting.  When you know, you just know, right?  You know that their wedding is going to be perfect because she is just on top of her game when it comes to all the details.  We can't wait to photograph their official engagement photos, and their wedding in January of 2013!


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