Monday, July 2, 2012

Minh and Yang's Wedding at Los Willows in Fallbrook, California

Last week we headed down to Fallbrook, CA for the wedding of our friends Minh and Yang.  After a small morning ceremony with the two families, we had lunch and made our way to “Los Willows” in Fallbrook.  It was a drive, but anytime there is an excuse to drive down to the San Diego area, count me in.   Technically it’s in San Diego county, but it is closer to Temecula.  “Los Willows” is beautiful – it’s like entering a mini theme park catered specifically to weddings.   It’s got a boat on a lake, a nice gazebo, lots of greenery, and the best part – a bed and breakfast up the hill.  After a wedding, there is no better place for good friends to get together and unwind than a bed and breakfast, where we stayed the night and enjoyed some breakfast in the morning before heading out to lunch in Temecula.    I do have to mention that they had a nacho bar during cocktail hour – with the good fake nacho cheese, jalapenos, and even two kinds of chips (round and triangle) -  Forgive my excitement, but I LOVE nachos.   I was sad to see the weekend end, but glad we got to spend it with such awesome people.   Congratulations again, Minh and Yang! 


Yang's parents admire his outfit before the morning ceremony.

The bride makes her entrance.

So many different emotions going on at once.

The greatest thing I have ever seen at a wedding reception:  A nacho bar!

Yang and his groomsmen arrived in style.

A total of 24 doves were released during the ceremony.

Guest names were written on birds, and tables were named after locations special to both Minh and Yang.

Bird cage with paper cranes - for people to sign in on.


  1. Awesome photos Johnny! It definitely was a great weekend!

  2. It sure was. Hope to see you guys soon!