Thursday, July 5, 2012

Portrait: Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Chandler Harnish

Every year during the NFL draft, there has to be a final pick.  During the 2012 NFL draft a few months ago, Chandler Harnish was selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the 253rd pick.  In 1976 the term "Mr. Irrelevant" was coined and given to the final pick of the NFL draft.  Every year since 1976, there is a celebration in honor of Mr. Irrelevant in Newport Beach, California.  This is what brought Chandler Harnish to California, where he spent time at Disneyland, and took some time to visit the NFL Network.  Originally from Indiana, he went to school at Northern Illinois, and of course was drafted by his hometown Indianapolis Colts, which I think is pretty cool.  The challenge for him is that he has to find reps behind Andrew Luck.  I really do hope that he finds success in the league because he really is a nice guy, even seemingly taking the "Mr. Irrelevant" title with a grain of salt.  I met him and his family in the studio after he had been run through the "car wash" of interviews, podcasts, and filming, and had a few minutes for a portrait.  Here is my favorite image from that session.  You can also check out more on Chandler Harnish on

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish poses for a portrait at the NFL Network.  (Johnny Vy/NFL)

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