Friday, December 14, 2012

Virginia + Erick's 2 year Anniversary Portraits at Griffith Park Observatory

Has it already been 2 years since Virginia and Erick got married?  Apparently so, because my old logo still adorns their wedding entry, as well as their engagement session entry.  As we have evolved the look of our site and blog since then, so too have Virginia and Erick.  I gotta say that they look even better than they did back then, and all the love that we saw on their wedding day is still as strong as ever.  We headed over to Griffith park around 3:45 pm and quickly got to work on their portraits before sunset.  As we arrived, the light was beautiful and perfect, and had only about 30 minutes before it started to fade, and another 30 minutes until it was completely dark.  Spending even an hour with Virginia and Erick goes by too quickly, as it's always light-hearted and casual.  No wonder it seemed like those 2 years came and went by so quickly.

What I really appreciate about the two of them is that they trusted me completely and whole-heartedly with the direction that I wanted to go with my photography.  Sometimes clients will come in with an idea of what they already want, and that sometimes makes it difficult to let loose and get creative.  At times, Erick would tell me, "I want to know what you see...what your vision is, because I can't really tell what you're shooting from over there...but I completely trust your vision."  That, my friends, is the greatest thing any artist can hear from a client.  No restrictions, no expectations, just do what you do.  And without further ado. . . here is what I did.

Congrats to the you guys on your two year anniversary!  Hope you continue to enjoy each others' presence for years to come!  I can only hope that I surpassed all your expectations in conveying the essence of your continued love for each other.


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