Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Betty + Sherif's Wedding at The Castaway in Burbank

When you have a bride who’s on top of her game, there is nothing better that a wedding vendor can ask for.  From the day Chanda and I first met with Betty and Sherif, she already had her dress picked out, and I think she was already halfway done planning her wedding.  We photographed their "Save the Date" session the day after the meeting, and their Engagement Session just a few months later.  Fast forward 5 months later and here we are photographing their wedding day!  Throughout the day, both Betty and Sherif were completely relaxed (even though I suspect that there may have been some hidden excitement in both of them), and were completely at ease with the way things unfolded throughout our 12 hour coverage.  I told Chanda that I think this was by far the most complete wedding coverage we have done, mostly because everything stayed according to plan.  We went from Culver City to Burbank, to Glendale, back to Burbank, then to Los Angeles, and finally back to Burbank.  Lots of things to fit in between, but there was no rushing at all.  We had plenty of time to do portraits and creatives.  I attribute that to great planning and forethought from everyone involved in the process. 

We started our day with Sherif and his groomsmen.  These guys were not only funny, but completely warm and friendly, and I can tell why Sherif was at ease all day.  We got a ton of portraits done, and then headed over to the girls.  To no one’s surprise, every detail was already in place when we got there – the flowers were there, jewelry, dress, everything!  We spent time  with them before meeting everyone together for the first look.  We met everyone at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank for that and knocked out a bunch of portraits before heading over to the Church. 

This was our first Coptic (Egyptian) wedding, and we headed over to the Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox church for the ceremony.  After that, we headed over to the reception at The Castaway in Burbank and caught the beautiful sunset view from the room…one of the most magnificient scenes I have seen at a wedding reception. . .but that wasn’t the best part of the night.  The best part was the gummy colas at the candy bar that I had loved so much growing up as a kid.  I got my fill before continuing on with more photos throughout the night.  I swear, they must have provided that specific candy just for me!  But seriously, we could not have asked for a more awesome couple to spend our day with.  The love is real, the emotions are real, and that makes our capturing all those moments completely effortless.  Congratulations Betty and Sherif!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness in your new adventure together in Texas.


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