Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NFL Portraits: The Vince Lombardi Trophy

A few weeks before Super Bowl XLVII, the NFL GameDay Morning crew got together to film a spot for NFL.com of their Super Bowl memories.  All of these Super Bowl winners got their chance to talk about what winning the championship meant to them, and I think the overall piece was very well done. Filming was originally planned for just one day, but some of the talent had some scheduling issues, and it had to be stretched over the course of 2 days.  I only had a chance to photograph Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin, and Kurt Warner, and a few of our other network talent (Shaun O'Hara, Willie McGinnest, and a bonus - Russell Wilson even stopped by and I got a quick portrait with him as well).  All in all, I started the season with a portrait shoot of the GameDay morning crew , and got to end it with this session with the ultimate prize - the reason these guys play the game - the Vince Lombardi trophy.  Nice full circle ending, don't you think?

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