Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Lexington's Baptism

A few weeks ago, Marissa and Juan had their son Lexington, baptized.  I go back a long time with this family, as they had me photograph their wedding in Nuevo Vallarta.  From the time Chanda and I spent with them, they've made us feel like members of their family.  No doubt we love spending time with all of them, and they've invited us over for many of their important family milestones.  Chanda also got to spend time with one of her favorite kids, Emma!  Emma is Juan's niece, and we actually photographed Emma's baptism a few years ago.  You may remember her from the recent family portraits we did with the Valdez Family.  Every time Chanda sees her, she thinks she is more awesome than the last time, but I digress.

We arrived at St. Bernadine of Sienna Catholic church in Woodland Hills and met Lexington for the first time.  He was sleeping on a blanket on the grass, and looked like he didn't want to be disturbed!  We started with a bunch of details of his mini tuxedo and his Chuck Taylor shoes - an epic outfit for a baptism, I must say!  The ceremony was short an intimate, with just a handful of close friends and family.  After that, we did group portraits in the church, and headed to the Lemus home for some good old fashioned home cooking!  I can never get tired of the food, and boy do they love to feed us.  I can't complain though, It's all delicious!

We can't wait to watch Lexington grow up, and we're completely thrilled to share a part of Marissa and Juan's growing family!  Enjoy the photos!


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