Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Angela + Son's Wedding at Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena, CA

Ceremony and Reception:  Brookside Golf Club
Floral:  The Floral Event by LC
Lighting:  TMMPro
Photo Booth:  Capture Pod LA
Makeup:  Chiali Meng Studios
Cake Topper:  Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

It is with great joy and honor that I post these wedding photos of Angela and Son from their wedding a few weeks ago.  I have known these two for a long time, and they've been together for as long as I can remember.  I am so happy to see them finally tie the knot, and of course it was a joyous celebration full of laughs, tears, and most of all, fun!  We did an engagement session with them at Travel Town back in May, and this was a wedding I could not wait to photograph!

 The best part about this wedding was that there were a ton of little surprises that Son and Angela had both planned for each other, that each one didn't know about.  These little moments were what made their day, and their relationship so special.  My favorite was the surprise donut bar that Angela had planned for Son.  He hit the dance floor holding his box of donuts because he loved them that much!  I feel the same way about gummy bears, so I feel you there, Son!  Speaking of gummy bears, they had a dessert bar and a candy bar that was stocked full of goodies!  I couldn't help but sneak a few gummy cola bottles and apple rings throughout the night before the kids raided the table.  I was not disappointed, and neither was everybody else.

Quite possibly the most touching surprise came when Son invited all of Angela's uncles to come up and dance with her since her father is not with us.  Lots of tears and joy - all wonderful moments that mean so much.  Then came the big surprise that Son had planned for Angela - a special choreographed dance involving himself and the entire bridal party.  The look of surprise on Angela's face told the whole story, and her reaction was just priceless.  It took a lot of time, preparation, and deception on behalf of the whole bridal party to put it all together, and they pulled it off without a hitch!

These two are huge Los Angeles Kings fans, and they began their relationship with a mutual love for their favorite hockey team.  How fitting was it that Angela's gift to son were a pair of Stanley Cup championship cufflinks by Tiffany.  Son returned the favor with a locket  featuring a special quote and a photo of her late father.  Very special moments all around and Chanda and I feel so humbled to have been invited along to capture it all.

Did I mention that their officiant, Becky was a former bride of ours?  Becky served as the officiant to their wedding, and did a wonderful job.  Her husband Ben was also Son's best man.  You can see Ben and Becky's wedding photos here, and their engagement session photos here.  Angela and Son kept this celebration close within their circle, and made for a real intimate and personal environment in which everybody was completely comfortable and easy-going.  Lots of love goes out to all the people who helped put this wedding together, including my own sisters Dorothy and Kathy, who did more than their share of prep, and really helped everything come together.  Overall, this was a wedding that I could not wait for, and now that it's done, I wish both Angela and Son nothing but the best as husband and wife!  It's about time guys!  Enjoy the photos!


Son reminds us to "get my good side!"

Trying to sneak his way in.  Denied!

Their 1st First look.  Yeah that's what I said.

Lead the charge, little one!

Every power couple needs a name mashup.  This is just too perfect.

No golf shoes, no problem.

Their 2nd First look.

"I got the rings!"

Slideshow viewing

Surprise special dance.  She looks pretty surprised!

How fitting that one of my favorite gummy candies was just sitting there, begging to be eaten?

The candy raid begins. . . 

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