Thursday, December 26, 2013

NAC Architecture Portrait

Last week I was contacted by NAC Architecture to photograph a portrait of one of their architects.  NAC Architecture, which is based in Seattle, Spokane, Los Angeles, and Denver, is ranked 45th on the list of top 50 architecture firms in the nation.   Since they had recently hired someone new, they needed a full body portrait, as well as a close up of him.  I arrived at their Los Angeles office with my assistant, set up a white backdrop in one of their conference rooms, and was ready to shoot in about 15 minutes.   Overall, it was a relatively quick and straight-forward shoot, and we were out of there in about 30 minutes.  After striking everything, I was introduced to the other employees in the office, and saw my subject, Rob, casually sitting in his chair wearing his "normal work clothes."  Overall it was a great atmosphere, and I imagine that working there is fun and enjoyable.  I had a brief conversation with Rob afterwards, and he asked if I have ever photographed architectural models.  I jokingly replied, "yes, that's you!"

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