Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Steven & Ian's Engagement Session

When Chanda and I were invited to the home of Steven and Ian for our initial meeting, they made us feel so welcome.  The love that the two of them share for one another was tangible, and it certainly was easy to connect with them.  From there, we talked about photography, photo booths, and wedding plans.  Over the next few months, I asked them what kind of engagement session they wanted to have, and they made it clear they wanted to do something on the beach, as well as something "nature-y"  I had the perfect spot in mind, as I had previously scouted some areas along Pacific Coast Highway.

Ian and Steven are getting married in August, and it will be my first time photographing a same-sex wedding.  I joked with them during the shoot that photographing two guys was easier because there is less to worry about regarding hair and wardrobe.  It did get very windy at the beach that day, and the fact that they both have short hair means less flying hair in the wind, which can sometimes be troublesome when you're trying to shoot out in the open.  Overall, I'm glad they enjoyed the session, and we're looking forward to photographing their big day in August!

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