Thursday, August 28, 2014

Steven & Ian's Wedding at Glen Ivy Golf Club in Corona, CA

Venue:  Glen Ivy Golf Club
Officiant:  David Cutler  
Floral:  Events by Floral Sensations
Photo Booth:  Yorokobi Photo Booth
Second Photographer:  Brian Labrada

So much love.  This is what I feel when I am in the presence of Steven and Ian.  I’m not just talking about the love between them, but for everyone around them as well.   We were originally welcomed into their home for our first meeting, and I could tell immediately that these two were meant for one another (as their wedding favors say, they’re the “perfect match.” 

Back in May, we photographed their engagement session and got to spend a little time with them in our neck of the woods.  I was super excited to finally get to August when we would photograph their actual wedding.  Over the months between the engagement session and wedding, I ventured out to Corona and checked out the venue, and needless to say, it was breathtaking.  It is an amazing place to get married, and I got a mini golf cart tour of the grounds from their coordinator. 

While planning our timeline for their wedding, I knew we’d be taking portraits around the golf club, and of course I let Chanda know that she’d probably be driving a golf cart around.  When she heard that, she was all about it.  I have learned a little something or two about my wife, and it’s that any time she gets into a small vehicle, it leads to nothing but pure joy.  I first discovered this while riding a jet ski behind her on our honeymoon in Fiji, and later on an ATV in Ensenada.  Give the girl a golf cart and free reign on a golf course, and she’s  in heaven. 

Back to the wedding!  So Chanda and I met up with Steven and Ian at their hotel as they got ready for their big day.  The first thing I noticed was their socks, and I had to get a quick shot of them.  They matched their wedding colors, and Ian was decked out in Malibu blue, while Steven wore yellow.  We spent some time documenting them as they got ready, and stopped in the lobby for a few quick photos before heading out to the venue. 

Once we got to the golf club, I met up with my second shooter Brian Labrada, and we set out to take family portraits, while my photobooth attendants began setting up in the reception area.  The grounds of the golf club are gorgeous, and feature a few different waterfalls that I had on my list of spots to hit during portraits.   As soon as portraits were done, we had a short break before the ceremony began, and what a lovely one it was!

After both grooms were escorted by their mothers down the aisle, their fathers provided the rings and they were married in a lovely outdoor ceremony.  It was truly an emotional ceremony, but my favorite moment was the light-hearted moment when Ian was placing the ring on Steven’s finger – on the wrong hand!  Steven let Ian know about it, and the laughter it produced took the ceremony from emotional to completely joyous.  Like I mentioned before, there was so much love there at that altar, and it was definitely palpable. 

Once the ceremony finished, we were ready to get the party started with the reception.  The first dance provided a nice moment between the two, and once they made their “thank-you” speech, they were hugged by anyone and everyone around them.  “So much love,” I thought to myself.  This is what made me enjoy shooting weddings in the first place.  Next came the mother-son dances, followed by a honeymoon dance, the bowtie toss, and of course, lots and lots of dancing!  I ended the night by saying goodbye to Steven and Ian and wishing them well on their honeymoon.  I cannot begin to express the joy I feel for the two of them as they embark on their new life together as a married couple.  I left the venue that night with the same feeling I felt when I first met them – my heart filled with so much love.

So much love, and pure joy!

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