Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lau Family Portraits

One of the most rewarding things about photographing couples is that I get to watch their families grow.  Back in May, I photographed Kary and Ben's maternity session.  When I was working consistently at Staples with the NBA, I would sit with Kary and we would talk about our pregnancy experiences.  Of course I wasn't pregnant, but my wife and Kary were only one month apart in their pregnancies, so we were going through a lot of the same things.  After a few months, Akemi was born, and Avery had his very first girlfriend!  Just kidding - but we did go and visit the Lau's with Avery so that they would be able to play!  As the holidays approached, Ben and Kary approached me with the idea of photographing family portraits for Ben's parents.  He mentioned that the last ones that they ever took were at Sears back in the 80s, so they were really outdated and in need of something more modern.  Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige, and over the weekend, Chanda and I headed to the Lau family home to shoot some family portraits. 

We were welcomed by Ben and a few furry friends, his mom, dad, and brothers.  From the get-go, they were all very light-hearted, and fun!  His father even offered to trim some low hanging leaves to clear the way for our portrait area.  Enter a few dogs, a cat, and lots of Lau's, and we ended up with a few fun portraits.  Enjoy the photos!

Working with kids isn't easy!

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